BrightText is proud to partner with Salsa Labs (Salsa), which empowers more than 2,000 non-profits of all sizes to manage 75 million supporters, communicate, fundraise, and advocate from one affordable online platform.


BrightText offers nonprofits and trade associations an enormously powerful means of engaging and mobilizing constituents and employees. Our sophisticated web-service solution, which requires no integration to exist on your web pages, provides you with an unprecedented means of generating grassroots support on important issues.

Effective grassroots activism requires a network of supporters that you can quickly mobilize in response to urgent issues. BrightText’s user interface allows the creation of multi-millions morphs of an advocacy letter in under an hour. You can do this yourself, or, if you prefer, we can place our team of award-winning BrightText writers at your disposal. We thus provide you whatever you need to increase activist participation in advocacy campaigns. We also provide you with unprecedented tools for Tell-A-Friend customization and communication

We understand the challenges that nonprofits of every size, trade associations, public affairs groups and government relations executives face in today’s competitive world. Engaging and retaining members and supporters, activating legislative districts, facilitating advocacy actions, and empowering online PAC donations are all areas where we can help. BrightText has enhanced outreach efforts, sharply increased response rates among members, and has helped grow organizations’ membership lists. Activists become excited by the possibilities inherent in this revolutionary — yet intuitively easy-to-use — technology. It provides opportunities that simply are not available using any other tool or tool suite

Instant Integration

Because BrightText is cross-platform and cross-browser compatible, it is visible to virtually everyone on the Internet. And because it can be made to appear with the simple insertion of certain HTML tags, there is virtually no integration necessary. Your current Internet pages remain as they are, with all form elements intact, ready to send data into any pre-existing tool suite. All of your tracking tools remain as well –no need for retraining or complex IT switchovers.

The BrightText Advantage

  • A standard form letter turns instantly into millions of unique letters
  • Phrases, words, and ideas come alive at the touch of a button
  • Member response rates increase sharply
  • Can appear on any standard HTML page – no need for additional server-side processing.
  • Functions as a superb standalone application
  • Text output as emails, word processing documents, or faxes
  • Integrates seamlessly into any existing tool suite. HTML form elements
    remain unchanged, as does tracking data.
  • Allows unprecedented fine-tuning in email marketing campaigns
  • Flexible deployment options — use it as a tool which you use to create
    content, or let us provide the content as a service to you
  • Cross-browser, cross-platform compatible
  • Integrates into your current server configuration — Windows, Macintosh, or Linux
  • Multiple output options

A Standard of Innovation

From its original conception, through every iteration of the product, BrightText has been breaking new ground for advocacy organizations worldwide. Product enhancements and upgrades occur on our server, so that there are no roadbumps for your IT department. Any upgrades which might affect User Interface are cleared by you before implementation, so there are no surprises for your support staff. We help your organization continually improve communications, both internally and with constituents. We work closely with our clients to develop enhancements that fit your needs and incorporate best practices from leading trade associations and public affairs practitioners for the benefit of all of our clients. Our innovation keeps you moving ahead, and keeps your constituents engaged.

The Support You Need

The technology experience of our clients varies widely from one group to the next. To account for this range of expertise, our solution includes hands-on support and training. Every client receives a dedicated account manager, as well as access to our Professional Services team and extensive partner network of industry experts, to help them make the most of their technology investment.

A Value-Based Solution

BrightText understands the need to demonstrate value in every investment, and consequently we have developed a solution that will save your organization both time and money. Our simple user interface allows non-technical managers and advocacy professionals to create and send messages, thereby obviating the need for additional investment in technology support. Finally, because BrightText takes care of all hosting and infrastructure requirements, you can devote your resources to managing strategy and supporting the causes that are the most important to your organization