Institutions face a daunting task: providing information to a myriad of customers with limited resources and budget. Each student, prospective student, parent, alum, faculty or staff typically requires different communications, and may have different questions which need answering.

In addition, teachers are overburdened with massive amounts of work in increasingly challenging circumstances. Their time is at a premium. And students, meanwhile, need constantly to be engaged in the educational process, to be stimulated and to have their curiousity piqued; to learn follow-through and to become comfortable in a technology-driven world.

The most cost-efficient solution being installed at leading academic institutions is web-based; it features dynamic technology which allows new content to be generated and customized according to specific criteria.This technology is the key to keeping the cost and effort of maintaining high-quality service to a minimum.

Customer Service At Institutions of Higher Learning

BrightText customer service solutions, whether deployed as online multi-configurable FAQ pages, or as personalized email response tools, streamline critical communications while reducing administrative overhead. Institutions of higher learning that want to survive and thrive in the digital economy should evaluate such solutions in order to both significantly improve the quality of their services and significantly reduce their cost of operations.

Effective web-based customer service provides significant tangible and intangible benefits to such institutions as they seek to recruit applicants, serve students and reach out to other important constituencies. Tangible benefits include the appeal of next-generation communication tools to traditional question-and-answer paradigms, reduced cost of operations and the ability to re-direct administrative staff to strategic tasks. Intangibles include a more positive perception of the institution’s responsiveness and a better understanding of the needs of students and faculty alike.

Elementary and Middle Schools

Teachers at schools of all kinds face an equally daunting task: having to write and rewrite variations on a theme — student reports. Even the most ardent and efficient teacher can become exahusted after the twentieth or the fiftieth re-creation of an evaluative writeup of a student. BrightText allows the teacher to create customized, student-specific writeups, modulable via a slider for tone, for excellence, or along any dimension that the teacher wishes.

Using artificial intelligence technology, BrightText instantly brings the teacher close to the writeup they are trying to create. Rather than a burden and a chore, the task of creating student writeups becomes streamlined, simplified, and enjoyable. Student evaluations may be automatically saved online, accessible at any time, for reference later that academic year or in any subsequent year. This longitudinal trackability enhances flow and follow-through for any school — private or public — or school district.

High Schools

BrightText provides benefits not only for teachers and administrators in the form of efficient and personalized student evaluations. It can also be deployed in the classroom. Students, being young and adept at technology, are instantly attracted to the use of a multi-branching text tool. Classrooms can collaboratively create, for example, environmental BrighText letters similar to those in use by the National Wildlife Federation or other large nonprofits.

In so doing, they are learning:

Collaboration — since multiple users can collaborate, in real time or sequentially, on the collaborative creation of a BrightText communication
Civic responsibility — involvement in issues of concern to our society
How to create clarity and build structure in communication, in a previously unavailable manner
Grammar (through the necessity of ensuring good fits among the recombinant parts)
The power of technology
BrightText can be configured to allow or disallow students in multiple classes, schools, or school districts to view and/or modify one another’s creations. In this way cross-cultural links are established through the magic of the Internet and the use of BrightText technology. Friendly competitions may be allowed to flower in this brave new world of collaborative, multi-branching communications.

Cross-Departmental Applications

Teaching, Enrollment Services, Academic Computing, Information Technologies, Academic Affairs, Distance Learning and Alumni Relations departments can all benefit from this leading edge, cost-efficient service to their customers and employees.