The Enemy is the Machine

by David Wolpe on May 6, 2014

It occurs to me that here, in the Age of Distraction, the enemy is the machine, and the machine is the enemy.  We  hand a computer to a child and we say, “Do your homework (oh and by the way here’s your entertainment center). This means that each time before you open up your device, you must take a moment to remember what it is that you’re about to do. What was that anyway? If you don’t, your thoughts look a little something like this:

 I’m going to open up Illustrator so I need that email with the .ai file from that guy oh look here’s a tuition statement what?? I owe $1300 more? that can’t be right wait let me go back and look at the earlier statement let me click on this tab oh yeah those cedar shingles where do I get the discount coupon wait let me search.


The Enemy is the machine and the machine is the enemy. If you don’t take defensive measures, it will win every time. Not with a knockout blow, but death by a thousand cuts. The life energy will seep out of you and your energy will be dissipated. Then you wake up and ten years have passed and what exactly did you get done?

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